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Top 10 Best Knife for Cutting Meat of 2021

Best Knife for Cutting MeatIf you are looking for the best cutting meat knife in the kitchen or a professional chef. Don’t worry; these products are one of the most popular in the world. A high-quality meat knife can effortlessly cut raw meat, beef, chicken, even large bread.

Using a suitable meat knife means you just do not finish the task perfectly, even if it also saves you money, time, and effort. With the right meat knife, you will be able to cut the meat like butter and trim fine briskets with minimal effort.

They are a very long knife that will help you with various jobs, not only cutting meat. They are razor-sharp blades that come with premium materials for versatile use. Also, they are very lightweight for easy balance.

However, how to make the best decision and buy the ideal meat-cutting knife. You can check out our article to find out. Find the top 100+knife for cutting meat the most popular items in Amazon Best Sellers.

List Of Top 10 Best Knife for Cutting Meat In 2020

  • Victorinox Swiss Army Fibrox Slicing Knife – Budget price
  • Dalstrong Butcher Breaking Cimitar Knife – Budget price
  • Mairico UltraSharp Carving Knife – Budget price
  • Jerky Professional Meat-Cutting Knife – Budget price
  • TUO Cutlery Slicing Carving Knife – Budget price
  • Icel Granton Edge Slicing Knife– Budget price
  • Victorinox Fibrox Curved Breaking Knife – Budget price
  • Kessaku Slicing Carving Knife – Budget price
  • Rada Cutlery Slicer – Budget price
  • Victorinox Wood Cimeter Knife – Budget price

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Fibrox Slicing Knife

This is a top-rated slicing knife that offers you exceptional control. You can use it for both home and professional cooks, and it makes easy slicing and cutting for all kinds of meat or poultry, and fish.

Moreover, the non-slip ergonomic handle is a comfy, strong, and excellent balance. On the other hand, constructed with a high carbon stainless steel blade that you will get a razor-sharp edge designed for maximum cutting performance.

Thanks to the specialized long and straight blade, it’s a great choice for slicing and cutting softer and firmer types of meat.

Being a garton blade, it offers easier motion and higher efficiency. Additionally, it creates pockets of air, even it prevents food from sticking to the blade, and creates less friction.

If you want the knife optimal durability, then wash by hand, and hone the blade after several uses. Furthermore, Victorinox Swiss Army Fibrox Slicing Knife offers, you will get a lifetime warranty against workmanship and material defects.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long and razor-sharp edge
  • Made with high-carbon stainless steel
  • Ergonomic & non-slip handle
  • Easy to clean and lifetime warranty

2. Dalstrong Butcher Breaking Cimitar Knife

Dalstrong is a perfect cutting knife for a professional chef and home cooks. That is the original gladiator in the world of meat sectioning and portioning.

Additionally, it allows you to throw steak like butter, trim briskets effortlessly, and break down large game getting lost in the meat.

It has a curved blade that creates leverage and complete cuts with a single motion without sawing.

The knife is a versatile crafts design blade. After all, it is able to fastly slice through flesh, breakthrough cartilage, and trim fat from beef, poultry, fish, and various kinds of meat.

The rock-hollow divots along the blade edge helps prevent food from sticking. Also, it offers reduced friction for a more comfortable cutting experience.

Thanks to the black pakkawood handle, it provides a comfortable grip. Furthermore, it has a triple-riveted design with full tang ensuring superior strength and durability.

And, the surprise does not end here- you will always get precise meat cutting and a BPA-free PerfectFit knife guard with it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for smaller and larger meats
  • Curvy blade
  • Low blade friction
  • Ergonomic Pakkawood handle
  • Lifetime warranty

3.Mairico UltraSharp Carving Knife

Mairico is a professional design superb quality meat cutting knife, but fruits and veggies too.

Delivering impeccable performance, this is an 11-inch long knife and razor-sharp that comes with a stainless steel blade. It will help you make great cuts, regardless of the size of the meat, and might be a perfect time-saving tool.

We love a triple-riveted comfort ergonomic handle. Because it provides a balanced distribution of weight and a secure and safe grip for ideal movements, even it has maximum durability and precision.

No doubt, you will be able to use this knife for brisket, pork, turkey, smoked salmon, and roast, even an ultimate bread knife. Also, a beginner can handle it easily because it is very lightweight.

It is a great choice for you because if you enjoy cooking and love colourful knives. Even you will get at a reasonable price, so no need to spend a hundred dollars on other expensive carving knives.

However, you will get an excellent packing box, which makes it a perfect gift item for Christmas, birthday, wedding, or mother’s day.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long stainless steel blade
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for meats, but veggies and fruits too
  • versatile

4. Jerky Professional Meat Cutting Knife

With a top-quality jerky carving knife set, you will get at an affordable and super slicing knife. It even will help you slice meat as professionals do.

It has a 12-inch stainless steel blade, and a razor-sharp slicing knife comes standard with a dimpled blade for without any food sticking onto the blade.

Especially the handy and lightweight design is effortless for various kinds of meat. You can apply it for slicing veggies and fruits.

It has a full tang handle, which is triple-rivet functional only for durability and longevity. Though the blade is dishwasher safe, yet you can wash it by hand to preserve its optimal quality.

If you want to be soft and tender jerky and you will break down the fiber prior to marinating the meat. Rather it will enhance the jerky’s flavour and aroma.

It is a perfect time-saving tool in the kitchen. So you can purchase the knife without a doubt.

Highlighted Features:

  • long stainless steel blade
  • Full tang and triple-rivet handle
  • Suitable for meats, but veggies and fruits too
  • Offers affordable price

5. TUO Cutlery Slicing Carving Knife

This is a full tang knife that comes with TUO’s Fiery series and boasts a flexible and strong blade. As well as the Gantone edge blade carefully designed for filleting, skinning, trimming, de-boning, and butterflying different meats.

The 12-inch blade is long enough to be your go-to knife for roast, ham, or some veggies and fruits, and a turkey carving knife. It even will help you use it for bread slicing and cake layering.

In fact, we love the use of made with premium quality German stainless steel blades. Even it ensures great rust-and wear and corrosion resistance as well as long term performance.

You needn’t worry about food sticking onto the blade- the slicing resistance is brought to a minimum of the indentations on the blade.

Thanks to the ergonomic Pakkawood handle, which is strong and comfy, enabling longer use without tiredness in the hand and joints. After all, the TUO Cutlery knife is beautiful, reasonable, made from premium materials, and comes with a nice gift package.

Highlighted Features:

  • Flexible blade
  • Made with high-carbon German stainless steel
  • Rust, wear, and corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomic, Pakkawood handle
  • Money-back guarantee

6. Icel Granton Edge Slicing Knife

This is a 14-inch blade made in Portugal. It comes with a rounded tip for safety and a long and straight edge, which will help you optimize the cutting surface.

The Garton edge to prevent food from sticking onto the knife and, therefore, you can have every usage enjoyable.

The blade is also a high-carbon stainless steel blade and requires minimal maintenance. Even the knife guarantees your durability. Rather it is the best choice for you because you will be able to effortlessly slice seafood, poultry, and other types of meat.

It has a conical ground giving it a wider breakpoint, and it is also ice-tempered to sustain sharpness.

The blade is stamped from cold-rolled steel, and it is rust and stain free. On the other hand, the elegant black handle comes with optimal comfort and a strong grip.

However, ICEL Edge is the best carving knife in the world since it is an NSP-certified brand. Also, it is a superb quality slicing knife suitable for you both home and professional chefs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Granton blade
  • Low blade friction
  • Ice-tempered to sustain sharpness
  • Rust & stain free
  • NSF-certified

7. Victorinox Fibrox Curved Breaking Knife

Victorinox Fibrox curved is an 8-inch blade knife. It is the ideal option for those who are regularly butchering meat. Even with it, you will be able to break down large quarters into smaller roasts and pieces.

Thanks to the high-quality curved blade, it will help you enhance the ease of a single pass cut in removing bones from flesh.

Similarly, the high carbon stainless steel blade will provide you with maximum sharpness and edge retention. The knife also comes with a conical ground, and it is also ice -tempered to prolong sharpness and longevity.

Actually, the knife is lightweight so that you will feel good and comfortable in your hand—even no strain on the joints.

It has a Fibrox Pro handle, which is non-slippery. So even when your hands are wet or moist, it offers a comfortable grip.
Thanks to the swiss premium brand Victorinox, you are getting a lifetime guarantee for defects in material and workmanship.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent for butchering meat
  • Premium stainless steel
  • Ice-tempered
  • Conical ground
  • Comfy Fibrox Pro handle

8. Kessaku Slicing Carving Knife

This is the Japanese best slicing knife that is handcrafted by highly trained technicians. So the knife offers innovative technology and quality materials. It will help you tackle so many different slicing and carving tasks in the kitchen.

We really love the use of high-carbon stainless steel. This knife is highly resistant to corrosion and rust. As well as, Kessaku will be able to staple use in your professional knife and home cooks and will become a full tang GO-TO knife.

Thanks to the pakkawood handle, it has excellent strength and comfort. Plus, it is resistant to moisture, cold, and heat and doesn’t collect any debris or dirt.

What’s more, the company offers high comfort and great design. You will get properly blanched to lower ache and without tired in hand. It has a well polished-bolster for safe cutting and filleting or carving.

Above all, it comes with a good packing box, which makes it an excellent gift for friends or family too!

Highlighted Features:

  • Handcrafted by trained technicians
  • Japanese quality
  • High-carbon stainless steel
  • Smooth and mirror-polished Pakkawood handle

9. Rada Cutlery Slicer

Do you like the 9- ½-inch slice knife, which is one of the most original knives created by Rada? You will be able to effortlessly prepare to slice big roasts, fruits, vegetables, melon, and cabbage for holidays and weekend parties.

Featuring a T420 high-carbon stainless steel blade which is high sharpness and durable and precise cuts. As well as the blade is highly resistant to corrosion and rust.

The handle is made with permanently cast silver brushed aluminium. So it ensures optimal comfort and a strong grip. Though the knife is dishwasher-safe, it is best to wash your cutlery by hand to prevent damage.

This knife is manufactured Waverly by lowa that’s been on the market since the 50s. The company’s ongoing mission is to offer the best value for customers’ money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Inexpensive
  • One of the original and hassle-free
  • Perfect for ham, loin, and roasts
  • T420 high-carbon stainless steel

10. Victorinox Wood Cimeter Knife

This knife could be your excellent choice for carving meat, roasts, roast turkey, and ham and into thin and even slices.

The curvy blade comes with premium quality high-carbon stainless steel, which retains its edge for a long period of time.

This knife has been ice tempered to ensure high sharpness as well as it enables easy one-pass cuts and deboning.

Honourable brands construct Victorinox cimeter knives. In fact, that is considered the best in the world of cutlery production. Even it is the best choice for experienced cooks.

Thanks to the traditional maple wood handle, it is a classic design that provides comfortable and non-slippery and triple-riveted durability.

However, the meat cutting knife is made by craftsmen in Switzerland. So it is definitely a smart investment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great for deboning
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Ice-tempered
  • Rosewood, non-slip handle
  • Triple-riveted

Things To Consider Before Buying

Why Do I Need a Cutting-Meat Knife?

Most of the people also love related foods, and it supplies protein for health. So we need to have a good knife for cutting raw meat properly, which will aid you to cut effortlessly. Also, You can use this knife for several tasks, such as slicing, carving, and many others. But a big difference is between a regular kitchen knife and a meat cutting or slicing.

Because a meat knife has a very long blade that is between 10 inches to 12 inches, for this reason, you can use it for different work outdoors and indoors. On the other hand, most kitchen knives have an 8-inch blade. So it is suitable for small slicing, cutting, mincing, or dicing.

When you want to prepare beef brisket, but a long sharp blade is perfect for you because the knife provides an ideal tool for thin slicing. Which is easily sliced a big turkey or a large smoked salmon. And it is more comfortable and affordable than other knives.

What to consider in a Meat Cutting Knife?

Before choosing a knife for cutting meat, you must know about the knife materials because you will get different types of models available in the market. But, all knives may not have high performance.

So, you can choose the best meat cutting knife after check out our review:

Performance and blade materials

More meat slicing or carving knives have a 10 inch to the 14-inch long blade. It provides a razor-sharp and a rounded tip. Especially, it has a dimple or Granton edge that ensures your food will never stick on the blade. Also, we know that a good meat cutting knife means having the blade made from different materials such as stainless steel, high-carbon stainless steel, Japanese steel, and German Rockwell hardness.

These materials are really perfect for professional kitchen knives. But here, most of the popular materials are high carbon stainless steel forged blade. Even many professional chefs got good results using it. These blades are exceptionally sharp and prevent rust-corrosion that retains the edge for a long time. But proper care and maintenance provide the knife’s high performance.

Handle materials and comfort

The meat cutting knives have different types of handle materials such as wood, plastic, rubber, or stainless steel. Including materials are really extremely durable and provide longer performance. These handles are suitable for both left and right-handed users.

But the wooden handles are a great design and colourful. On the other hand, the plastic and rubber handle has an excellent grip and comfort, and lightweight. You should find those knives which will fit and are comfortable in your left and right hand.

Finger guard or bolster

If you are a beginner, you need to know about the knife technique. Because a knife’s finger guard or bolster ensures to save you from the blade spine, and it protects your finger from any unexpected injuries. So before buying the meat cutting knife, you will have to consider the feature.

Weight and balance

We know that lightweight knives are very comfortable to control than heavier knives. But the knife has different types of blade materials, size and handle, so weight also depends on the feature. Because stamped blades are lightweight and affordable, you should select those knives which are comfortable and balanced.

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Final Thoughts

A meat cutting knife is an essential tool in every home cooks and professional chefs because this knife is designed for the easy preparation of meat and the cooking and quality culinary experience.

Due to this, we have reviewed 10 best high-quality knives that you can effortlessly use for meat, chicken, beef, pork, bread, fish, and veggies, even your all favourite foods.

For those shopping on a budget, they can choose the Radar cutlery and Victorinox knives because it is less expensive. Yet it has an awesome blade length that is made with high carbon stainless steel. Besides including stainless steel resin handles.

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